TTKS Book CoverTeaching Tech-Savvy Kids: Bringing Digital Media into the Classroom was envisioned by the late Dr. Peter Lyman, UC Berkeley, one of the principal investigators on the three-year ethnographic project titled, Kids’ Informal Learning with Digital Media: An Ethnographic Investigation of Innovative Knowledge Cultures. He hoped to get the latest research on kids’ digital media practices into the hands of educators. His vision was about initiating a conversation; he wanted classroom teachers to be included in a discussion around learning, literacy, and knowledge creation and sharing in the 21st century. Because Dr. Lyman wanted to spark a conversation, I felt the book needed to be a collaboration between sociologists, anthropologists, educators, counselors, students, and specialists in the areas of new media and learning. Twenty-eight contributors helped me write this book. Also see:

Table of Contents
Foreword Glynda Hull (UC Berkeley)
Preface  Jessica Parker
About the Author
About the Contributors
Chapter 1 Understanding Youth and Digital Media, Jessica K. Parker
Chapter 2 Hanging Out with Friends: MySpace, Facebook, and Other Networked Publics, danah boyd and Jessica K. Parker
Chapter 3 YouTube: Creating, Connecting, and Learning Through Video, Patricia G. Lange and Jessica K. Parker
Chapter 4 Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia Based on Collaborative Knowledge, Jessica K. Parker
Chapter 5 Role-Paying: Writing and Performing Beyond the Classroom, Becky Herr-Stephenson and Jessica K. Parker
Chapter 6 Virtual Worlds: Designing, Playing, and Learning, Jessica K. Parker and Maryanne Berry
Chapter 7 Remix Culture: Digital Music and Video Remix, Opportunities for Creative Production, Erin B. Reilly
Chapter 8 Conclusion, Jessica K. Parker


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