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The Myth of the Digital Native

By Laura Bradley,¬†Guest Blogger and English Teacher Kids today are born with a mouse in their hand, right? They navigate websites intuitively, clicking their way around the Internet with their eyes closed. Their teachers are stuck in the binder-paper-and-#2-pencil routine, while the students go home to blogs, wikis and websites. Our students are the digital … Continue reading

Howard Rheingold’s Interview

As part of the promotion for the TTSK book, Howard and I sat down and talked about what it means to grow up and teach in the digital age:  

Media Creation: An Emotional Rollercoaster

My students and I discussed throughout this past spring semester how there seems to be this misconception that learning to use (and using) new media should afford a frustration-free and anger-free experience. Somehow the newness of technology and its user-friendly characteristics are supposed to make the learning process easier. Yet, for me, a meaningful aspect … Continue reading