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Highlights of 3rd Annual SSU’s Teacher Technology Showcase

Here is the link for highlights from the 3rd Annual Teacher Technology Showcase which I organize at SSU. And here are presentation links for the 35 presenters from that evening! And a Flickr stream!

Blended Learning: Western Regional Noyce Conference

This past weekend (March 7-8, 2014) I helped to organize and run the Western Regional Noyce Conference for STEM educators in Fresno, CA. The event brought together over 100 STEM teachers (both pre- and in-service) and faculty members to discuss blended learning and a number of issues related to using technology-rich instruction. Here is the … Continue reading

Inspiring Night at the 3rd Annual Teacher Technology Showcase at SSU

December 5, 2013. It was a great night at the 3rd Annual Teacher Technology Showcase at Sonoma State University as educators from across the North Bay came together to share their knowledge and resources for integrating technology into K-12 classrooms. With 35 presentations, including a Maker Space and a Tech Sandbox, the conference room with … Continue reading

Pics from Maker Day

Here are the pics from the Maker Day in our LOOC.

LOOC slides

Here are the slides on the preliminary LOOC findings I presented at the Open Access Un/Conference at SJSU on 10/25/13.

3rd Annual Teacher Technology Showcase at Sonoma State

Join us on Thurs, Dec 5th, 2013 for the 3rd Annual Teacher Technology Showcase! The Teacher Technology Showcase provides local educators (pre- and in-service) with an opportunity to present how they have used or plan to use technology in the classroom to support students and student learning. The Showcase is run like a poster session and … Continue reading

The Needs of Our Learners are Changing

Here is an excerpt from a talk I gave about being leaders in faculty development with technology… Challenge: How do we adapt to the changing expectations and learning experiences of students who have come of age in a connected environment? We are living in a profound technological moment in time. Let me give you an example: … Continue reading

MOOCs: What are they good for? Experimentation…

In a time of so-called game changers in online educators (and economic crisis), the challenge is always to focus in on the most important aspects within higher education, and for me it boils down to student learning and student experience. So, when online learning spaces (MOOCs, blended/hybrid courses, and other online options) become, yet again, … Continue reading

Blogging about Books

Zoe Strickland, Guest Blogger Recently, Jessica Parker asked me to write and post a blog post about how I began blogging and my experiences as a ‘popular’ blogger. I’ve been a book blogger for a little over three years, at a book review website entitled Zoe’s Book Reviews. I’m currently 15- so I began blogging … Continue reading

TTSK Glossary

Glossary of Terms Copyright Corwin Press 2010 Anime (n): Japanese-style animation that emphasizes visual styles Appropriation (v): the ability to meaningfully sample and remix media content Asynchronous communication (n): online communication in which both parties do not have to be present at the same time. Information is saved and can be viewed at a later time. This includes … Continue reading