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SSU Maker Educators at Maker Faire!

5/15/15: School Day at Maker Faire

Angi Chau and Carlie Mix help run the Maker Certificate booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire! Angi is an instructor in the program and Carlie is now a Maker Certified educator as she finished the program in April 2015!

Angi and Carlie at the Bay Area Maker Faire

Angi and Carlie at the Bay Area Maker Faire

5/16/15: Panel Presentation on School Leadership in Maker Ed

I was excited to moderate a panel of amazing maker educators at the Bay Area Maker Faire in mid-May. The educators discussed the role of making at their sites and how their administrators, parents, and colleagues supported their making endeavors. Panelists also addressed how new standards like Common Core and Next Generation Science and Engineering standards were aligned with maker activities and projects.

Casey Shea discussed how he now works with the Sonoma County Office of Education to promote maker educator PD. Carlie Mix discussed how she and her colleagues built a 4th grade maker cart to support grade-level maker activities, both low tech and high tech, at her school in Los Altos. Carinne Paddock discussed her approach to integrating making in her classroom and the support she has received from her principal to run PD for her colleagues in June.

School Leaders Making

Maker Educators Discussing the Role of School Leaders in Making


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